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Our mission is to build trusting relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our employees are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of ensuring safe, quality, on-time deliverables.

Operational Excellence

Hanley has all the necessary equipment to receive, store, dry, blend, load, press, inspect, assemble, test, package and ship explosive components. We have a variety of equipment of different capabilities, with tooling and equipment that is interchangeable among the machines.

Services and capabilities:

 Thermal Transient Testing (TTT) ■ Environmental Testing Non-destructive Quality Specialists Assembly Loading Fabrication ■ Machining Tooling

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Quality Products

Hanley Industries, Inc. manufactures a wide range of products including electric and stab detonators, energetic devices, cartridges, line cutters and more. Since 1958, Hanley is committed to consistent provision of quality products to satisfy the demands and expectations of customers
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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Thank you to the team at Hanley Industries for your hard work and dedication on becoming ISO 9001:2015
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